Our produce is sold using a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme. CSA is subscription method for getting your weekly veges directly from the farm. No more middle people.

We love growing great kai and when people sign up for our CSA it gives us the security and support to plan ahead. It allows us to focus on growing great veges instead of worrying about weekly sales.

By purchasing a share, you’re forging a relationship with the Addington Farm and becoming a direct supporter of our mahi to bring more good into our neighbourhood. In exchange for committing to a seasonal share we are committed to providing you nourishing and delicious vegetables each week for 3 months.

If you’re keen to know more and hear when our CSA signups open for the new season, get in touch.



love local vege share

Sign up to receive a weekly bag of fresh and seasonal vegetables

This share contains 6-9 items. Commonly contains: chard or kale, salad mix, microgreens, root crops, pak choi, runner beans or spring onion, broccoli or cabbage 

$360/12 weeks, ($30/pw)

premium salad share

Sign up to receive a weekly bag of fresh premium salad mix. 

250g of salad containing edible flowers, microgreens, lettuce and mesclun leaves

$144/12 weeks, $12/pw


DATES & DURATION. The Summer CSA season starts on Wednesday December 14th & runs for 12 weeks. A commitment to the full period is required in order for us to plan our crops accordingly.

BILLING. It helps us to receive just 1 payment in advance for the whole 12 week season. This allows us to focus our energy on growing & harvesting instead of monitoring late payments. We will send out 1 invoice for the 12 week subscription. If it’s not feasible for you to pay the bill in advance get in contact to arrange multiple payments.

WHAT IF I NEED TO WITHDRAW MID SEASON? If you need to withdraw during the season, you can do so by giving three weeks notice so that we have time to fill your spot. Either you can donate your share, or we can refund the remaining weeks that you have paid for.

WHAT IF THE FARM HAS A CROP FAILURE? If the farm has a major crop failure due to extreme weather, pest or disease there could be a reduction of veges in the CSA shares each week. We plan and utilize vege growing systems to minimize this risk.

WHAT IF THE FARM MANAGER IS UNABLE TO WORK? The Addington Farm is a very small organization. If the farm manager was unable to work due to sickness there would be no veges available for that week. The farm would replace that lost week of veges at the end of the CSA season by providing an extra week of produce.


Financial support from our seasonal CSA is our main financial income. By signing up you are directly supporting us to continue bringing more good into our hood.  In exchange for your commitment we supply you fresh locally grown veges! 

“When I buy from a supermarket I don’t know who grew it, where they grew it or how they grew it. I’m connected to the farm tho. It’s about as local as I can get without growing veges on my own patio. 

Some of my friends will rush off to the supermarket every night – they don’t know what they are going to have for dinner almost every day. The vege bag has helped me get some more control of my life. I love taking time out to enjoy cooking. It creates a natural routine to the day. It’s cathartic and creates a happy rhythm.”


“We love the idea of buying produce from a farmers market. But when we’re too busy and tired chasing 3 kids all week the last thing we want to do is drag them round a market all Saturday morning. 

It’s so easy to get produce from the Addington Farm when it gets delivered every Wednesday morning. 

The micro greens are a real bonus each week too! It’s a little bit posh when your on a budget. We don’t have the time or space to grow them so its great to get them from the farm.”