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20180414_0034On Saturday (the 14th) we had an enormous working bee. So much work got done with the help of some good music, good mates and excellent food.

Around fifty volunteers of all ages and all walks of life showed up. People came from all over Addington and beyond. Quartly and Andy got busy with constructing an awning for our break area and our new nursery. Another crew finished painting the house.

We’ve been really lucky to have the help of a team of volunteers from Arizona, who have put a huge amount of time into a beautiful new coat of paint for the 31 Parlane St house among other things, we were sad to see them go :'(

There was plenty of weeding to be done and lots of plants to clear, we were amazed to see how much space was hidden away once we’d finished. We also finally got around to cutting our fence in half, so we can see the street properly and the street can see us!


More and more we are seeing the power of growing and working to bring people together, it was awesome to see how many people showed up and were keen to get stuck in, lot’s of people we met lived just around the corner, or even right over our back fence.

We just want to say a big thanks to everyone who came along, you made all the difference!