Naming the Good

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Autumn has rolled around and is keeping us on our toes – with blustery wet days following sunny, warm ones. The plants are loving it! In the next few weeks, large tunnel houses are going up as we prepare for the coming cooler months.

At the Addington Farm, we’re all about good healthy plants. But we’re also pretty excited to see people thrive too. At the end of each week, sitting in the post-harvest area with hot cups of tea and maybe a sweet treat, we share our highlights. Things like meeting new neighbours as vegetables are delivered around the neighbourhood. Chats over weeding. Taking veges down to our local school. Things we’ve learnt about ourselves. Or even, just the number of cups of tea consumed that week.

Each week the highlights and the learnings are different for each person. Participation within this space differs as people contribute the unique skills they have. Our mate Dave has a background working in plant nurseries so we trust his eyes to spot the difference between a weed and a plant. Others have the energy (and youth!) on their side when it comes to the grunt labour of digging. Some are just great at spinning yarns with people we meet around the neighbourhood.

One of our values at the farm is ‘naming the good’. We reckon there’s heaps of good to see in our neighbourhood and in each other. Whether it’s the jobs achieved at the farm, the people we meet, or what we learn about each ourselves or each other. By pointing it out we get to celebrate it and hopefully spread the good a little further.57032119_2346158112339044_5192133239115874304_n