February Update

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The plants are leaping! With the sun on full blast our sprinklers and drip lines have proven invaluable. Shoutout to GardenBox whose soil is working wonders! The season is great for growing at the moment and we’re keeping busy with harvesting and planting. Our rocket has rocketed.

We had a surplus crop a couple of weeks back and created a pop up stall outside The Addington Coffee Co op, where we sold turnips, radishes, zucchinis, salad mix, rocket and mizuna. It was so great to see the familiar faces stopping by to get their groceries from us.


All in all, we love having a productive farm in our neighbourhood to be a part of. If you’re keen to get involved, send us a message through our website (www.addington.farm) or Facebook, and we’ll make sure to be around when you drop by!