Getting ready for the Fair

It’s two weeks until the Addington Fun Fair, and we’re gearing up. We’ve installed a new chiller with the help of rollers and a lot of people power.ย  Our garden beds are properly starting to bloom in the beautiful soil we’ve got from Gardenbox.


We’re in a good rhythm now with four Saturday working bees in a row. Lot’s of people from around the neighbourhood are starting to show up regularly, which is super exciting!


Our microgreen production is now fully underway, and if you try the microgreen garnish served at The Addington Coffee Co-op or Portershed, it will be ours.

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Steven came today to sow some seeds. Beautiful.

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We’re keen for all the help we can get! If you’re interested, pop in on a Saturday morning to 29 Parlane St and we’ll show you around.


New Season, New Soil

It’s the second week of spring, our fruit trees are blossoming and the birds have come back. We’ve kicked off spring with a load of new soil from Garden Box. With a fresh landscape of fertile earth Liam has got busy already digging new beds. They’re looking great!

A crew of students from Lincoln University also came to help us out by digging some dirt and setting up some new tunnel houses (thanks to you!) We’re very encouraged by both the weather and the amount of support we’re receiving from our city.


As always, feel free to pop down to 29 Parlane St on a Saturday morning to say hi!


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First microgreens harvest! Yum ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Our radish shoots have been harvested! With our first Microgreen harvest, we have made the next big step in becoming a commercially productive farm. It only takes two weeks for radish shoots like these to get to an edible size, and they taste great!

With this success, we’re launching into larger production. We’re so grateful to have a spacious nursery.

Balcony Gardens and Newspaper Pots

A huge thank you to Chrys and Chris from The Addington Timebank. Both keen local gardeners who came over this afternoon to run a workshop on gardening. Chrys started off by showing everyone how to make an easy biodegradable pot for seedlings out of newspaper. These pots rot away when planted, minimizing waste and the trauma to the seedling as it is transferred.
Afterwards, Chris shows us his locally famous balcony gardening method. Using nothing but a bag of potting mix and seeds he was able to produce a productive vegetable garden on a small concrete balcony.

There was a great turnout and we all enjoyed Kathy Viney’s amazing baking afterwards!


Our New Nursery

Have you ever wanted a sauna in your own back yard? Well now we have one – for plants at least.

In the weekend we finished putting the last of the transparent covering on our nursery and we noticed the warmth straightaway. This building is going to mean that we can start growing earlier in the Spring and give more seedlings a better start. That means more veges!ย This building wouldn’t be here without the dedication of heaps of people, especially those with a bit of practical know how. So we want to say a big THANK YOU to our community.

You may be interested in getting involved, or you may just want to have a nosy around the place. Either way we’d love to meet you. Everyone is welcome at The Addington Farm and there will always be someone to pour you a cuppa on a Saturday morning. So come on over to 29 Parlane St and say hi!